As professional film producers, Apollo Films work closely with all our clients during every stage of the video production process.

From concept to post-production, we assist our clients to actualise their vision and bring their business to life. We are passionate about helping our clients harness the full potential of video content, producing videos that make an emotional connection with your audience.

In pre-production, we take the time to understand our clients’ business needs and identify their goals for creating cinematic video content. We understand our clients are busy so we assist with creating the brief, creative concept, scripts, film documentation and planning and organising of the filming day. We do it all for you!

During video production, we are mindful of everyday business constraints and operate deliver our services with strict adherence to client budgets. All of our film production crews work to client deadlines and timeframes.

Whether you are creating film content to save time, money or improve a process, the professional team at Apollo Films can work with you to create a video content solution inline with your needs & budget.

Our genuine approach to business management, coupled with our expertise in creating high-quality digital video content, training videos and studio video production has resulted in successful outcomes for many clients.

Videos help you build your dream business and grow it fast.



Apollo Films combines their passion, experience, vision and energy to create high-quality visual content, assisting your business in connecting with your market.



Apollo Photography captures your product, service or business in the best light as quality images support your brand are what grabs peoples attention online & in print.



Apollo Social specialises in formulating a social media posting strategy that works best for your business ensuring you the highest ROI on each social engagement platform.



An ingredient for success, is to have a strategically planned and expertly designed brand as it forms the basis for your business’s communication



Businesses can struggle to get a good quality return on their marketing investment. A concise and direct marketing strategy is the key to being able to deliver good results.



Apollo Consulting provides a platform to build a support network in business ensuring your marketing and growth plans are strategic and aligned to your vision and goals.



“I must say it’s been a delight working with you on this set of product training video’s. Both the timeline you were able to achieve and the excellent quality of the final product was great and exceeded our expectations. It’s also refreshing to have Australian actors and voices which I know will also appeal to our global organisation. Please use us as a reference for your excellent work”.

Russell Christian, Equipment Director, Henry Schein Halas

★★★★★ “We approached Apollo Films because we were after video content for both our website and Facebook page. Effective content marketing involves publishing a steady stream of content that our patients finds interesting enough to acknowledge and hopefully even share with their online social circles. Video’s are quickly digested by those watching and are an invaluable source of being able to portray ones personality. Apollo Films helped us by producing a video showcasing our principal dentist and owner as well as educational videos for patients. We found the experience easy and straight forward and the result was nicely polished.​We would recommend Apollo Films”.

Dr Adam Bradshaw, Jacaranda Family Dental

★★★★★ Deana and her team provide excellent and professional service. Whilst maintaining high standards at all times, Apollo Films make the experience of preparing, looking at ROI and actual filming truly enjoyable. It was very reassuring to receive a high quality product in the end and know that value for my money is taken seriously. Thanks Deana, Philippe, Simone, Madonna and Bill!

Dr Kristina Cain and the Refresh Dental Team, Refresh Dental

“I had the pleasure of working with Deana and the team at Apollo Films. I find the team to be very professional with strong attention to detail. I highly recommend Apollo Films to partner in your business to excel to the next level”. 

William Tan, Sieverts Radiation Consultancy

“Hi Deana, We can’t thank you enough for the fantastic videos Apollo films have produced for Brisbane Cruises. It’s the first time we’ve ventured into having professional videos produced and the end result is well and truly worth it. The aerial shots, taking in the views of our gorgeous Moreton Bay and the Lady Brisbane boat from above, add another dimension and enhance the overall message of the Moreton Bay video. Having a walk through video of the Lady Brisbane boat is a fabulous promotional tool for interested organisers who can’t physically inspect the boat. And then there’s the Wedding Video…..what can we say – it’s romantic, special, spectacular, heart-warming and and and… This video captures perfectly the warmth and love this couple have for each other and their families. There are other options besides the traditional Wedding venue of a closed room. This video shows that beautifully by bringing all the elements together…love, family and the natural beauty of our own Brisbane River. Good work Deana and team – thank you so much for the professional way you organised it all….we just had to turn up and do our thing”.

Captain Jim Kelly & Crew, Brisbane Cruises

“I knew I needed a series of video blogs and, they had to be savvy, beautiful and professional. Step in Apollo Films! Deana and her team created a rockin’ intro & a beautiful set, mixed it with some clever editing & a cool edge to deliver a video blog that I am beyond happy with. On top of an awesome end product, the process was effortless and flowing. Definitely a big yes to working with Apollo Films again. Thank you a trillion, Deana”.

Monica Caligiuri , Real. Raw. Wild.

“Dear Apollo Films, I can’t thank you enough for all of the efforts and speed with which your professional team created our video. What really impressed me was how easy you made it for me, and how smoothly the whole process ran. I am so pleased to see the value in this video; the ability to send my video to every quoted client with a link, UNBELIEVABLE and I am getting more hits on my website. I am looking forward to working with your team in the future for more videos I have in mind. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who wants a new, easy and affordable way of communicating with clients and staff, and increasing traffic on their website”.

Gary Wilson, Decorative & Applied Painting

“Re: The Wizard of Oz Digital Backdrops  Following a recommendation from a Company member, Queensland Musical Theatre contacted Deana Durisic of Apollo Films to create the animated digital backdrops for our recent production of The Wizard of Oz. These were large projections taking up the whole back of the stage (approximately 10 m x 4 m). The task was varied and required the production of a number of wholly digital backgrounds for some scenes and the overlay of video onto stock footage for others. These included the tornado scene with an animated tornado and fly‐ins of items that swirled around the tornado, including a chicken coop, a rocking chair, a cow and Miss Gulch riding her bike and transforming into the Witch. Apollo Films tackled these unusual jobs with enthusiasm. They either created items from scratch or, in some instances, used filmed footage by a QMT member or stock footage. Following weeks of drawing, experimenting and improving the result they produced scenes which enhanced the musical and were much appreciated by the audience. This was a massive task, the true dimensions of which were only discovered as the job progressed, but the Apollo Films Team persisted to the end giving many hours of extra work above and beyond the call of duty”.

Deian Ping, Artistic Director, Queensland Musical Theatre

“I was very impressed with the work I had done by Apollo Films. The film production was excellent and very organized. I would definitely recommend Deana and her team”. 

Nick Stewart, Xtreme Athlete